Happy New year! from Learn Real Japanese








Happy New year! from Learn Real Japanese!

Happy New Year! 2018! 🎉🐶🐶Dog Year!🐶  
Hope you are having a wonderful winter holiday!
I pray for your Happiness and Health for this year too.

Love ❤️

Happy New year! from Learn Real Japanese!

The Dream of Japanese

The Dream of Japanese!

Let’s learning Japanese with US!

We created this new Japanese learning system to help you succeed with real spoken Japanese. We want you to actually use Japanese with real Japanese people. Our Lesson for ZERO-level beginner. http://learnrealjapanese.com/ Copyright, Learn Real Japanese!


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Learn Japanese Rule 4

Learn Japanese Rule 4!

Learn Japanese Speaking Rule 4– Learn Deeply.  Learn Japanese for Mastery in order to speak Japanese naturally.  Master core Japanese vocabulary, grammar, listening and pronunciation first.  Build a strong foundation for your Japanese speaking.

Learn Japanese Rule 3

Excellent Japanese Speaking

Learn Japanese Rule 3!

Learn Japanese Speaking: Rule 3 For Excellent Japanese Speaking, is to learn with your ears, not with your eyes.  In other words, you must first learn Japanese through listening.  Reading and writing will come later.  Learn naturally like a Japanese baby– through listening first!

Learn Japanese Rule 2

Learn Japanese speaking!

Learn Japanese Rule 2!

Learn Japanese Speaking: Rule 2 For Excellent Speaking, do NOT study Japanese grammar rules.  In real Japanese conversations there is no time to think about grammar rules.  You must learn Japanese naturally and intuitively to speak Japanese well.