Two Japanese Learners

Two Japanese Learners.
In the world of Japanese learners, there are two types of people. Two groups .

Everyone goes into one of the two groups. Everyone.

The attitudes and actions that of each group can be understood by example.

You are currently in one of the two groups… Meaning your actions are similar to others in that group.

Two Kinds of Japanese Learners

We’ve named the first group of people, Stu. Stu is the example of all the learners that act in a certain, common, usual way.

The other group is named, Steve. Same idea.
… so our two learners — Stu & Steve.

It’s important to say immediately that we’re not saying that there’s a right or wrong group here. We just want to give you a clear picture.

We want to give you a different picture of how you think currently with your Japanese learning.

So although Stu and Steve are not real “flesh and blood” people, their attitudes and actions are absolutely real and based on real people, like you and us.

Get ready.

Some of what you’re going to read may be hard to accept.

But if you care about moving from “normal” Japanese learning, this will be (very) valuable reading.

Stu and Steve– The Japanese Learners’ Journey

Stu 30, is a businessman with a college degree.

For a while, life was good.  He had a good job with good pay.  But something was missing.  Year by year he felt more bored.  The same routine, day after day.

He always dreamed of living a more adventurous life.  He dreamed of going abroad and exploring a new country.

Japan, in particular, always interested him.

Bored with his job, and with no attachments at home, he was ready for something new.

He decided it was time for an adventure– time to finally go to Japan… maybe even get a job teaching English and live there.

He realized that speaking Japanese would be important for living in Japan.

And he knows that Japanese is a difficult language, very different than English.

One day he sees an advertisement for a community “Japanese Conversation Class” and decides to go.  He’s excited to get started with Japanese.

Sitting next to Stu on the first day of class is Steve. Until that moment they had never met before.

Steve: Hi, I’m Steve, nice to meet you. Is this your first time here?
Stu: Hi, my name is Stu. Good to meet you too. Yes, this is my first time here. I’m thinking of going to Japan and need to learn Japanese.
Stu: This is my first class here. I want to see what this is about.
Steve: Me too…


Steve, 28, is a teacher.

Steve has had a feeling about his dream life too. In fact, one reason he became a teacher was for the long vacations– to give himself more time to travel and enjoy life.

He has thought about living in Japan too. He has dreamed about exploring the food and the culture.  He has dreamed about making Japanese friends and maybe even dating in Japan.

He has even bought some Japanese textbooks and read them.

He bought a guidebook too and imagined visiting the places he read about.  He rented Japanese movies.  He even read some Japanese comics (manga).

Something about the country attracted him.

He wanted to travel and explore these dreams. So now was a good time for change.

Steve doesn’t have a lot of money. But he knows he doesn’t need it, that’s for sure.

He knows he needs Japanese and he knows he needs to take new actions.

A week later Steve goes to a community Japanese class.

Stu and Steve exchange email addresses and promise to email.

The Japanese class is fun… with a lot of fun games and conversation activities.

Both of them are excited about speaking Japanese as the first step to a new life.

Stu goes back home, Steve goes back home.

Back home, Stu’s co-workers laugh about his idea of going to Japan. They tell him that he’s crazy.. why leave his good job. He doesn’t need to change anything.

It made him angry.

Working in a boring job is no life. There’s no freedom in that. Stu is a slave to his boring life.

He wants a way out.
… but he has a career to think about.

He really doesn’t have the time to spend in learning Japanese speaking.

Forget that! Stu is impatient.

He NEEDS results now.

Plus, Stu is not stupid. Life is full of easy answer for those clever enough to find them.

Move too slow, and opportunities are missed.

He wants success and he wants it fast.

Time is important.

He gets on the internet and finds a host of Japanese programs… computer software, textbooks, online training.

His dream of speaking Japanese and going to Japan returns.

He plays with the computer program, but quickly becomes bored by the random drills.

He reads some textbooks, but Japanese seems so complicated and difficult.
Another year passes.

Stu doesn’t speak Japanese yet. Not even close. In fact, he can’t really communicate in Japanese at all.

Worse, he’s still at the same job and still unhappy.

He blames all the different Japanese programs he tried. He continues to chase textbooks, classes, and software.

Confused and frustrated, Stu sends Steve an email. They had not emailed in over 6 months.

Stu almost fell off his chair after reading the email.

It was like a kick in the face. He felt terrible. He felt happy for Steve, but sick in the stomach about himself.

After leaving the Japanese class, Steve worked hard.

He tried several textbooks, software programs, and classes. No different than Stu.

Then he realized something– they were all basically the same… the same random drills, the same “conversation” activities, the same dialogues, the same word lists. The same boredom and failures.

Steve’s Difference

Steve was a teacher.

He knew real results and he knew when something was a waste of time. He felt foolish for wasting his time on all of these programs.

However, he didn’t quit.

There is a secret, you know.
Steve learned what it was. Stu didn’t.

Paul Zane Pilzer once said, there are just TWO traits that separate the super successful from the … not so successful.

Just two things.


Think about that for a second. Think deeply. Because it’s very important. It’s part of the secret.

It leads people to completely different actions.

Stu went down one path, and never changed.

He never took a step to look at the big idea. He just kept doing the same stuff, expecting the results to change…

Steve went another way.

Learn Real Japanese

We teach Japanese speaking at Learn Real Japanese.  Not grammar, not writing… just real-world speaking and listening.

If you learn Japanese in a natural way, with a focus on mastery, you will learn to communicate.  Japanese will not feel difficult to you.

You will steadily improve in your ability to really speak and understand Japanese– with Japanese people.

You’ll go a different way.

It’s the way Steve went.

The Real Japanese system is about removing failure.
It’s a process that helps you fail less.

It’s a program that teaches you to master Japanese speaking step by step.

It’s a program that teaches you real-life spoken communication with Japanese.

It’s a program for successful Japanese speakers.

It’s what Steve did.
It’s what we teach.

… and it’s what AJ is now doing.

Meet AJ from America (True Story)

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Two Japanese Learners.