Learn Real Japanese TPR Japanese Free video – Effortless Japanese

TPR Japanese Free video!

Learn Real Japanese TPR Japanese Free video – Effortless Japanese!

Tabete たべて=Eat!

Nonde のんで= Drink!

Aruiteあるいて= Walk!


Mizu wo Nonde. みずをのんで= Drink Water!

Cohi wo Nonde= コーヒーをのんで=Drink Coffee!

Hanba-ga-wo Tabete! ハンバーガーをたべて =Eat Hamburger!

Keiki wo Tabete. ケーキをたべて= Eat Cake!
Hashitte Hamba-ga- wo Tabete =Run and eat Hamburger!

Aruite Cohi wo Nonde. あるいてコーヒーをのんで=Walk and Drink Coffee!

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About TPR method: Total physical response (TPR) is a language teaching method developed by James Asher. It is based on the coordination of language and physical movement. In TPR, instructors give commands to students in the target language, and students respond with whole-body actions.

The method is an example of the comprehension approach to language teaching. The listening and responding (with actions) serves two purposes: It is a means of quickly recognizing meaning in the language being learned, and a means of passively learning the structure of the language itself. Grammar is not taught explicitly, but can be learned from the language input. TPR is a valuable way to learn vocabulary, especially idiomatic terms, e.g., phrasal verbs.

Asher developed TPR as a result of his experiences observing young children learning their first language. He noticed that interactions between parents and children often took the form of speech from the parent followed by a physical response from the child. Asher made three hypotheses based on his observations: first, that language is learned primarily by listening; second, that language learning must engage the right hemisphere of the brain; and third, that learning language should not involve any stress.

Total physical response is often used alongside other methods and techniques. It is popular with beginners and with young learners, although it can be used with students of all levels and all age groups.

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Learn Real Japanese TPR Japanese Free video – Effortless Japanese!

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Learn Real Japanese TPR Japanese Free video – Effortless Japanese!