The Dream of Japanese Speaking

The Dream of Japanese Speaking!
Every one of us has a different dream for learning and speaking Japanese.

Mayumi & Tomoe Ichikawa

Maybe it’s living and working in Japan.
Maybe it’s dating or marrying a Japanese person.
Maybe it’s speaking with a close group of Japanese friends.
Maybe it’s traveling around Japan, speaking with locals.
Maybe it’s understanding Japanese movies, TV shows and pop culture.

For many, it’s living in Japan and speaking with their Japanese wife’s family.

For that, you don’t need to speak textbook Japanese. That’s not what family & friends speak anyway.

We want you to find your Japanese dream life.  It’s not just about grammar and vocabulary words. That’s for sure.

Sadly though, a lot of people just never quite understand this. And most never will. That’s for sure too.

Learn Japanese

Most people’s attitude about learning Japanese is all wrong.
Their Japanese learning methods are wrong.
Their materials are wrong.

The result is a lot of mistakes that guarantee they’ll never speak Japanese goo enough for their dream of living, working, dating, traveling and understanding.

You being here, reading this webpage, can only mean one thing…
That you’re probably not one of the people that will fail to get their Japanese speaking dream.

You want to speak real Japanese to real Japanese people.

You want more than just Japanese words, you want to use Japanese to get a certain kind of life.


We think you’re in the right place.
You are smart for being here.

Now Let us tell you about a story of two Japanese learners…

But first a question.

How can two different learners have the same opportunities, intelligence, ability,….. and both work and study for the same amount of time.

… yet one remains lost in their same old life, unable to communicate in Japanese. Confused and lost. Still complaining and still hoping something will change— but nothing ever seems to change their situation.

… while the other learner quickly masters basic Japanese, learns and uses powerful methods and actually communicates with real Japanese people?

Would you like to hear the story of the two Japanese learners?
Then click here to continue…


The Dream of Japanese Speaking!