How to say Happy in Japanese, Effortless Japanese

Happy in Japanese. By Effortless Japanese
Shiawase! しあわせ!幸せ!

OK! How to say Happy in Japanese?  Shiawase!

How to say “Im Happy.” in Japanese?   Watashi wa(/ha) Shiawase desu! or Shiawase desu!

How to say “Are you Happy?” in Japanese? Anata wa shiawase desu ka?  or Shiawase desu ka?

“Yes! Im always Happy” in Japanese.  Hai, Watashi wa Itumo Shiawase desu.  🙂

No…Im not Happy…  Iie, Shiawase-jya nai. or Iie, Shiawase dewa arimasen.


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Hope you are Shiawase (Happy in Japanese) today!  🙂