About Us

Our company Teaches Japanese to Speakers of Other Languages. We provide online Japanese lessons and live seminars to individuals and organizations around the world. We primarily serve adult learners of Japanese.

The company was founded by Tomoe Ichikawa and Mayumi Ichikawa. Tomoe & Mayumi also serve as the head teachers.

You may contact us at: info@learnrealjapanese.com



  About Tomoe




I am one of the founders of Effortless English Club and of Learn Real Japanese. 🙂

I Love Reiki ,diving and traveling the world; of course I Love teaching!!!

I’ve taught Japanese in China since 1997.And I speak Chinese(Mandarin)

Graduate School for Creatives Cities,Osaka City University,Japan
Master Degree of Urban Business, March 2005

My Blog is : http://effortlessjapanese.blogspot.jp/

My Free Lessons! : https://learnrealjapanese.wordpress.com/

Effortless Japanese and Learn real Japanese CEO
Effortless English Partner From 2006




IMG_0003  About Mayumi




I’m Tomoe’s sister and  a founder of Learn Real Japanese! 🙂

I Love cooking and reading books.

I speak Chinese(Mandarin).


About US!