Why Learn Japanese with Learn Real Japanese?

Learn Japanese, Drills and textbooks will not bring you your Japanese dream.

Learn Japanese with TOMOE

To speak real Japanese with real people, you must master spoken Japanese step by step.

Our lessons are designed for one thing only– to build your strong foundation of spoken Japanese.

  • Learn naturally with fun lessons and stories, and no textbooks.
  • Use our deep learning method to completely master everything you learn.
  • Learn Japanese grammar like Japanese children do – naturally and without studying grammar rules.
  • Start very slowly, then gradually increase speed. Feel totally comfortable with Japanese speaking.
  • …and much more!

You get over 15 weeks of digital audio lessons with Real Japanese, including:

  • More than 45 lessons, in 15 different lesson sets.  Did you know that you must learn Japanese vocabulary with your ears so you can use it naturally while speaking? Audio Japanese lessons are more powerful than reading lessons. With Real Japanese Lessons, you learn with your ears
  • “Listen & Answer” Mini Stories. You learn to speak Japanese with these powerful lessons. The Japanese mini-story lessons teach you to master grammar, sentence structure, listening and vocabulary– all without mindless memorization.
  • Point-of-View Story Lessons. This is the key to spoken Japanese grammar. You learn the present, the past, and both polite and casual Japanese with no more boring grammar rules. You learn these naturally by listening to these simple story lessons.
  • And More!

Hurry– Start Right Now!

Learn Japanese with Learn Real Japanese

Download your Japanese audio lessons to your iPod, phone, or MP3 player instantly and learn to speak Japanese anytime and anywhere.

Plus, when you order today, you also get these bonuses!


Bonus : Learn Japanese (Romaji & Kana) Text Guide

We teach Japanese speaking and only Japanese speaking.  Before you worry about reading Japanese, you should master basic speaking.

The good news is that speaking Japanese is much easier than reading it!

However, we know that you are probably curious about reading Japanese too.

We are therefore giving you the text of all lesson audios – written in both English/Roman letters and in Japanese kana. This is not a writing course, but text will help you understand the audio more easily.

And if you choose to learn kana, you can practice reading with the kana text as well.

Sample Lesson

Let’s Learn Japanese with Tomoe and Mayumi!

Learn Japanese with tomoe-and-mayumi





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